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Online Shopping for O'Brien Stand-Up-Paddleboards and SUPS from
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Online Shopping for O'Brien Stand-Up-Paddleboards and SUPS from
Online Shopping for Jobe Stand-Up-Paddleboards and SUPS from
Online Shopping for O'Brien Stand-Up-Paddleboards and SUPS from
Online Shopping for Jobe Stand-Up-Paddleboards and SUPS from
Online Shopping for O'Brien Stand-Up-Paddleboards and SUPS from
Online Shopping for Jobe Stand-Up-Paddleboards and SUPS from
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Stand-Up-Paddleboards and Equipment

Welcome to We specialise in supplying great quality Stand Up Paddleboards and Paddleboarding Equipment at really competitive online prices and we always have a great selection of inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards, paddles and paddleboarding equipment in stock.

In addition to Stand-Up-Paddleboards and Stand-Up-Paddleboard Accessories we can also supply Paddles, Pumps and Leashes etc plus Inflatable Stand-Up-Paddleboards, Bamboo Stand-Up-Paddleboards and some great value indestructable Rental Stand-Up-Paddleboards. We also check our prices daily against our main competitors, but to ensure that you always get the best possible deal we also offer Price Beat, our pledge to beat any genuine offer that you find online. If you need any advice on which products will be best for your individual needs then please do get in touch and one of our friendly and knowledgable staff will be more than happy to help.

Online Shopping for UK Clearance Stand-Up-Paddleboards SUPS UK

Surf & Wave Paddleboards

Surf specific stand-up paddle boards are typically shorter, have a narrower nose and tail and more rocker (curve) than all-round, and flat-water/race boards. Surf paddle boards are perfect if you are always going to spend your time in the surf. The narrow shape makes the board much more maneuverable on a wave, but the trade off is that is that they are slower and don’t track in a straight line on flat water and are also often less stable.

All-round Paddleboards

All-round boards are typically thicker, wider, and longer than surf specific models. These versatile, multi-purpose boards are great first time boards because they allow you to explore all aspects of the sport with only one board. All-round boards are wide enough to be very stable, have decent glide and tracking for flat water paddling or open ocean touring, but also enough rocker and side-cut for decent surf performance.

Online Shopping for UK Clearance Stand-Up-Paddleboards SUPS UK

Flat-Water / Touring / Race Paddleboards

Flat-water boards are optimized for flat water, open ocean paddling. They are typically longer than all-round boards and often have a nose area that is pointed to help the board slice through the water smoothly, increase glide and help the board go straight. The sides are usually rounded for more glide and speed. Most flat-water boards are wide enough to be stable for beginners, however race boards, which are in the same family, are narrower to increase the boards speed. The narrowness makes race boards challenging for beginner paddlers and are not recommended. If you are a paddler looking for more speed and efficiency, the touring models are a magnificent choice.

Yoga Paddleboards

Yoga boards are normally around 3.20 meters (10.6 feet) and 80 centimeters wide (32 inches). The boards have a large surface area and are specially designed so that you can move easily. They also have a soft grippy deck pad that covers most of the top surface.

Solid Paddleboards

Solid stand up paddle boards are built of many different materials ranging from foam, fiberglass, Kevlar, plastics, and wood. Epoxy boards are made from a foam core laminated with layers of fiberglass for strength and rigidity.Most solid stand up paddle boards have an air vent installed on the deck. Air vents are used as a way to help prevent delamination of the epoxy resin from the EPS foam blank.


No inflation time required.
You can get straight out on the water.
Super stable with stronger wind or choppy water.
Ultimate performance
Speed and agility
Great for tricks while surfing

Online Shopping for UK Clearance Stand-Up-Paddleboards SUPS UK

Inflatable Paddleboards

Inflatable stand up paddle boards (iSUPs) are manufactured from layers of PVC plastic with woven fibres connecting to the top and bottom inside the board and are surprisingly rigid once inflated. Inflatable SUPs tend to be a little lighter than many Solid boards because they are composed mostly of air.


Minimal storage space required as iSUPs pack-down into a backpack.
Easily fit into an airlines hold allowance for travelling abroad.
Perfect if you want to paddle in locations that are not easily reachable by car.
More affordable than solid SUPs.

Online Shopping for UK Clearance Stand-Up-Paddleboards SUPS UK

Paddleboard Size and Volume

Board volume and length are key factors when selecting the right size stand up paddle board. Use the formula below to estimate how much Volume you should be looking for in your board.

Beginners - your weight in (kg) x 2 (e.g. 90kg x 2 = 180 litres)
Intermediates - your weight in (kg) x 1.7
Advanced - your weight in (kg) x 1.3

Paddleboard Length

Board length plays an important part in the overall handling of a SUP Paddleboard.

Short boards (under 10’) are great for surfing and/or kids. These boards almost always have a planing hull. They are more maneuverable than long boards, making them great for surfing waves. Boards designed specifically for kids are typically around 8’ long.

Medium boards (10’ to 12’) are ideal for all-around use and for SUP yoga. Most of these boards have planing hulls, but sometime you’ll find a displacement-hull SUP at this length.

Long boards (12’6” and above) are great for fast paddling and long-distance touring. The majority of boards in this size range are displacement-hull SUPs. They’re faster than short and medium boards and they tend to track straighter. If you’re interested in paddling fast or touring long distances, you’ll want a long board.

Online Shopping for UK Clearance Stand-Up-Paddleboards SUPS UK

A few words from one of biggest suppliers, O'Brien...

As the world of paddleboards keeps expanding and evolving, so do our products. As a stand up paddleboard manufacturer, we have listened to the desires of our consumers and have built a product line that we couldn’t be more proud of. Whether you are interested in using a SUP for exploration, exercise, yoga, or just a means to get out and have fun on the water, we have a stand up paddle board to fit your needs.

Not only do we build our boards for different purposes, but we also use different shapes, styles, and construction materials to compliment their intended use. Looking at our boards you’ll notice that some are epoxy, some are inflatable, and we even have a soft top SUP. The epoxy boards are generally thought of as more performance oriented. This is the traditional stand up paddleboard construction and is what most people are familiar with. The inflatable stand up paddleboards are more of an emerging sector in paddleboarding. They are lightweight, durable, and easy to transport and use. On top of that, they require minimal storage space making them convenient for most people.

No SUP is complete without a paddle itself and of course we’ve got a few options. The bamboo carbon paddles provide the highest performance with their minimal weight and snappy responsiveness; ideal for long stand up paddle adventures. If you tend to be a little rough on your equipment or plan to spend most of your time paddling through areas with a lot of rocks or other hazards, then you may want to consider one of our aluminum paddles for additional durability.

Make sure to check out some of our additional accessories designed to protect you, your gear, and to just make things easier. Also, make sure you have a good SUP life vest. Depending one where you are paddling, there are different rules and regulations regarding life vests. No matter what those rules are, your safest bet is to have one with you.

Beginner's Guide to Stand-Up-Paddleboards (SUPs)

Should I get an inflatable SUP or a solid SUP? What length, width and volume do I need? What's the difference between a Touring SUP and a Flat Water SUP and which is right for me? This article explains all.

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